Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management helps organizations manage all their operational assets keeping their businesses up and running, such as machines, equipment, IT equipment, roads, and buildings. As well as providing organizations insight into their planned and unplanned maintenance activities relating to these assets, it also records all lifecycle changes of the asset and its related data.

When it comes to Asset Management, a very important question is: “why?” Why are you making certain investments? What is the reason you choose to manage your assets the way you do?  What is the impact for the business if a particular asset fails? Are there risks to the public while operating or maintaining an asset? What is the expected return on your investment? Is it money, quality, continuity, stability, more motivated personnel, less environmental impact or a combination of some of these? Whatever your goals are, we help you get a clear overview of your assets and Asset Management processes.

Asset People has many years of experience, working in the field of Asset Management for various industries. Some of the services we provide as part of our Asset Management engagement are:

  • Asset Management Maturity Assessment & Gap Identification

  • Asset Management Planning

  • Performance Improvement Programs & Management Systems

  • Data Standardization and Transformation

  • Service Management Plans & Processes

  • Maintenance Plans & Strategies per Equipment Classification

  • Work Management, Scheduling, Control Processes & Procedures

  • Asset Management Service Center

  • Asset Register (Asset Identification & Verification)

  • Configuration & Change Management


Due to the fast-paced nature of the technology world, it’s always beneficial to have a second opinion before you start making major changes. Asset People’s Consultancy services team are focused on working with our clients to understand their business goals and aspirations, so we can deliver a roadmap detailing exactly how our clients can get there. We tailor the amount and level of consultancy to our client’s needs. Talk to our expert team who can advise, consult, deliver, manage and support you on your journey towards success and growth.

Some of Asset People’s consultancy services include:

  • Investment Planning

  • Design, optimization and implementation of Asset Management Processes

  • Requirement and Gap analysis

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

  • Risk Assessments (for Assets as well as Projects)

  • Health, Safety and Environment

  • Software design, development, implementation and integration

  • Test Management

Asset Management Software development

Asset People provides complete Asset Management Software Development services. At Asset People, we can install, configure and customize your enterprise application environment for maximum efficiency, security, and protection of your information resources. Our proven methodologies, coupled with our work with leading clients around the world, make us the pre-eminent choice for IBM Maximo solutions.

Working with Asset People has a variety of benefits:

  • We work across the board in Maximo – Work and Asset Management, which are IBM Maximo’s strengths.

  • We can provide both technical and functional expertise in all modules and sub-modules.

  • We work across all industries including oil & gas, manufacturing, distribution, government, utilities, telecommunications, and healthcare.

  • Our consultants have on average 10+ years of experience, with at least 3-5 years of hands-on development or customization experience in Maximo applications.

  • We can work beside you and your staff by providing staff augmentation and assist you in setting your schedules and deliverables or we can be the driving force on the project and function as the implementation partner.


At Asset People we can deliver a wide range of tailored programmes to support you and your staff from our training programme. Our expert trainers provide the knowledge on not only how your application works, but also what are the best practices for using the application and how it works best for you.

We’ll work with you to understand all relevant business processes within your systems, then deliver the most appropriate process and application-based training for your environment. Our trainings are delivered in both face-to-face sessions and eLearning environments including online tutorials, video content & step-by-step training manuals, ensuring training objectives are achieved no matter where you are.

We believe training and support go alongside each other so we provide ongoing support for a period following a new implementation or upgrade. We offer following training services:

  • Application User Training

  • Application Administration Training

  • Application Development Training

  • Application Security Training

Process management

Asset People help clients to analyse, review, manage and optimise both their Asset Management processes and other internal related processes. At Asset People we provide an independent perspective to help our clients realise the strengths and weaknesses of their business. Our consulting services can help all areas of your business, whether you need to update your operational strategy, simplify specific activities or implement end-to-end Asset management processes.

Our Business Process Management services include:

Our Business Process Management services include:

  • Analyzing existing processes

  • Benchmarking processes against similar organisations

  • Digital transformation

  • Design of new processes

  • Implementation and delivery of new processes

We follow a standardized 6 step model for Business Process Management:

  • Step 1 – Business Process Study and Modelling

  • Step 2 – Business Process Analysis

  • Step 3 – Business Process Optimisation

  • Step 4 – Business Process Automation

  • Step 5 – Optimised Service Implementation

  • Step 6 – Optimized Service Management and Continuous Improvement

Change management

Today successful firms are likely those which are agile and quickly able to adapt to new innovations & strategies. This speed of innovation makes having a strong change management program more important than ever.

Asset managers now need to equip themselves with a foundational change management strategy and start focusing on how to continuously adapt that strategy in an industry on the verge of being completely overhauled by technologies.

An effective change management strategy addresses the most critical component of any organization: Its people. Most of us know that people management is a vital part of change, but in the enthusiasm of great ideas and promising new ways of working we often tend to forget, or we are simply too late.

What Asset People can do for your organization is making sure that change management is on the agenda from day one. Taking into account all people involved and asking inconvenient questions when necessary. Not to slow down your plans, but to make sure they won’t come back in your face. Because with careful guidance, almost anyone can make a successful change!

Operational support

We, at Asset People can provide our clients a permanently manned, Europe-based Support Desk which specializes in supporting customers and resolving issues. We believe that a more personal service ensures that problems are dealt with more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a better service for our clients.

Each client is contacted directly by a dedicated Support Manager which enables a fast and focused resolution of problems. All our field consultants work on the Asset People Support desk on rotation, ensuring that clients benefit from relevant industry expertise. We provide both remote support services as well as work on-site support.

We can provide comprehensive Support desk facilities, which include:

Our Business Process Management services include:

  • Unlimited telephone support from Asset People consultants

  • Application (Maximo, Horizons etc) Implementation

  • Application (Maximo, Horizons etc) software upgrades

  • Application Hosting

  • Application Support

Test Management for Asset Management Software

Asset People offers a variety of Application testing services for Maximo installations, including Application testing, Code testing, Performance Testing, Monitoring and Tuning, using the latest testing tools.

Customised Maximo installations can often suffer from performance and scalability problems, which typically manifest themselves during peak business usage.  Patches and updates can also cause issues, and response times can degrade gradually, or in some cases instantly, when the system undergoes regular changes and customization. Therefore, it is vital to test Maximo systems at regular intervals during implementation projects so that performance defects can be identified and rectified in a timely way.

Data Management Services

Asset People provides a range of Data Management Services, designed to support our clients in their asset management process.

Most of our clients use several software tools to support their Asset Management operations. Asset People supports our clients in their implementation challenges and integrates a variety of software products to create one seamless system. A system where data becomes information and information is used to enable our clients to make informed decisions. We help our clients report data with greater accuracy and draw actionable insights by improving data retrieval and integration across the entire organization.

A sample of some of the data services Asset People offers

  • Data Analysis Services

  • Data Requirements and Gap analysis

  • Data Quality Analysis and Improvement

  • Asset Decomposition

  • Data Solution Design (on a business, functional and technical level)

Key benefits of our data management services include:

  • Delivering the right set of data management solution based on firm size and asset complexity

  • Help organizations realize significant cost savings, reduce operational risk and complexity, and ensure enterprise-wide data integrity

  • Provide a variety of data management tools

  • Eliminate system fragmentation and data silos by centralizing data management on a single, scalable platform