Asset People Domains

The amount of information within organizations is constantly expanding, and to stay competitive, your data-insight strategy has to keep pace with business change. With multiple sources of data, it can be difficult for your users to get access to the information they need, when they need it. Assets People range of solutions streamline your strategic asset information which can help you address these challenges.

  • Knowledge from Data
  • Effective Maintenance
  • Process Optimisation
  • Process Automation
  • Performance Measurement System
  • Insight into Asset and Work

We help organisation in identifying the path from raw data stored to usable knowledge and technologies.

Knowledge from Data

We help organisation in identifying the path from raw data stored to usable knowledge. We identify various data sources and the differences between structured and unstructured data and convert them into valuable information.

Focus Areas of Data Solution

  • Digital Data transformation

  • IoT Data Management

  • Big data Solutions

  • Insight into Existing data

  • Connected asset management

  • Knowledge center

  • Benchmarking Solutions

Focus Areas for Effective Maintenance Consultancy

  • Data Analysis Services

  • Data Quality Analysis and Improvement

  • Data Standardization

  • Decision Support Dashboarding

  • Data Standardization

Effective Maintenance

We assist in delivering production equipment in good condition so that production targets can be met by our customers as well as help them maintain the plant facilities by keeping the plant site and its buildings, utilities, and grounds in a functional, attractive state.

Focus Areas of Effective Maintenance Solutions

  • Building Maintenance Systems

  • Internet of Things

  • Process Optimization

Focus Areas of Effective Maintenance Consultancy

  • Bid and Tender Requirement Support

  • Asset Management Consultancy Support

  • Day to Day operational Support      

Process Optimization

Assist organisations in identifying the need to optimize and streamline their processes. We facilitate our client’s operations to help improve their performance by optimizing and changing steps throughout the process flow.

Asset People streamline data on the level of individual tasks. For each task that needs to be executed, we optimize the process to be as lean as possible for the person responsible for that task.

With a history in Asset Management, Investment Planning, Commissioning as well as IT business services, we have in-house expertise to optimize the asset related processes and data end-to-end.

Focus Areas of Process Optimization Solutions

  • Infrastructure Hosting Solutions

  • End to End Process analysis

  • Implementation Planning

  • Project and Process Management

  • Purchase Process Optimization

  • Work Management Process Analysis and Improvement

  • Inspections / fireplace Process Improvement

  • Invoicing Process Improvement

Process Automation

We live in your world. We automate processes and orchestrate experiences through naked eyes. Use our extensive expertise to unlock the power of intelligent automation in your enterprise.

Focus Areas of Process Automation Solutions

  • Asset Management Application management

  • Solution Design and architecture

  • Process Automation Implementation

  • Infrastructure Hosting

  • Bespoke Asset Management Solution

  • Yotta Alloy Solution

  • Yotta Horizons Solution

  • IBM Maximo Solution

  • MaxiGIS Solution

  • Intellectual property Solutions

Performance Measurement System

With our in house built tools and our extensive experience, we can create performance measurement systems based on a precise set of measures (financial or non-financial) that supports the decision-making process of your organisation by collecting, processing and analyzing quantified data of performance information.

Focus Areas of Performance Measurement Solutions

  • Design Build Finance and Maintain (DBFM)

  • Performance maintenance and Measurement

  • EDP ​​audited system

  • Integrations with Operational management system (OMS)

  • PMS related Automated controls

  • Process automation

Focus Areas of Performance Measurement Consulting

  • IT Audit support

  • PMS Contract analysis

  • PMS Periodic statement

  • PMS Tender support

  • PMS Operational support

Insight into Assets and Work

We lead with a process-first approach to deliver reusable and scalable solutions for Work and Assets. We combine our experience and intelligent automation technologies with data insights to realize greater value for our clients.

Insight into Asset and Work Solutions

  • Fireplace

  • Artificial intelligence Solution (AI)

  • Multi-year maintenance budget (MJOB)

  • Multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP)

  • Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

  • Asset history

  • Asset passport

  • Material passport

  • Boom passport

Focus Areas of insight into Asset and Work Consulting

  • Asset and Work Data insight Visualization

  • Status

  • Asset Condition measurement and assessment

  • Video inspection